Capital City Crushers

Capital City Crushers

Meet the Crushers.

Ms. Bea Haven - 164

skater is 8

Ms. Bea Haven has been playing since March of 2019. While not blocking, she loves gardening. Best thing about Ms. Bea Haven is that she is the captain of the Capital City Crushers.

Cereal Killer - 45

skater is 16

Cereal Killer has been playing derby for eight years and is now a blammer and the Co-Captain of the Crushers. Off track, Cereal Killer is still doing derby as cohost on The Track Talk Podcast!

Lone Rager - 504

skater is 27

Lone Rager began in the Lone Star State and has skated for teams in Missouri and Kansas. Off track she is raising her daughter Parker, who will start skating as soon as she learns how to stand.

PikaPunchu - 97

skater is 40

PikaPunchu is a hard-hitting blocker who is also the new skater wrangler. Think drill sergeant and you'll get the idea of how Pika brings in the next generation of Crushers!

Honey Basher - 505

skater is 13

Honey Basher has been playing with the Crushers since 2017. She mostly plays as a blocker but on occasion is one hard hitting jammer. Off-track Honey Basher enjoys creating art.

Lady Ricochet - 357

skater is 26

Ricochet has been playing for 13 years, longer than anyone on the team. Ricochet has her fellow teammates and competitors write in her “Derby Journal” about their experiences!

Miranda T. Reaver - 242

skater is 25

According to Reaver, Roller Derby is the best sport in the world! Watching newer folks fall in love with the sport is one of the most satisfying things a coach or seasoned player gets to witness!

Scarlett O' Scare Ya - 1233

skater is 2

Scarlett has been playing roller derby since 2009, primarily as one awesome jammer. Scarlett has been the head of almost every committee on the team, including Captain in 2021!

Goose Ya - 0

skater is 9

Goose-ya found the Crushers and joined them in 2016. Goose-ya can fill whatever role the team needs most at the time during a game or practice; a blocker, a jammer or even a pivot!

Luna Shovegood - 1337

skater is 19

Luna Shovegood joined CCC in 2012. In addition to being a great blocker, Luna is a WFTDA certified referee with over 60 games of experience and a head coach in Ad Astra Junior Roller Derby.

Celerity - 919

skater is 14

Celerity - Swiftness of movement. Not surprisingly, Celerity is a jukey jammer. She's been playing derby for two years, first with South Side Revolution before joining CCC.

B.B. Bombshell - 55

skater is 35

A Crusher since 2018, B.B. Bombshell has played both jammer and blocker. Her love of derby and teamwork drives her passion on the track while her fur babies keep her busy off the track!

Mini Me - 15

skater is 34

Mini Me has been playing for seven years, as junior skater and now with Crushers. She does it all: block, jam, and pivot. Derby is in her blood. Her mom and dad played roller derby too.

Killer Wail Tail - 35

skater is 38

Killer, a transplant from Classic City Roller Girls, is one of our new blockers - an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with. Off track, she loves doing all things outdoors: hiking, backpacking, kayaking.

STEAM Engine - 28

skater is 39

The STEAM in STEAM Engine stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Don't let that fool you, STEAM is all adrenaline junkie including cliff diving, free diving, and skydiving.

Steele - 424

skater is 5

Steele has played roller derby for 10 years, and joined CCC in 2018. She played for the junior team formally known as the Chick Whips and several junior Olympic teams when she was a junior player.

Tara Tendon - 117

skater is 1

Tara Tendon is a blocker who has been playing since 2011 minus time for too many injuries. Off the track Tara likes to run and watch hockey and live music.

Jeneral Merciless - 838

skater is 4

Jeneral Merciless joined in November of 2018. Although she mostly plays as a blocker, she is willing to do whatever is needed. When she isn’t skating, she teaches 6th grade at Pauline South.

Purple Reign - 99

skater is 41

Purple Reign is inspired by my favorite color and the artist formerly known as Prince. This introverted extrovert (or extroverted introvert) says we should all be partying and living like it’s 1999!

Ruthless - 25

skater is 42

Ruthless has been playing since 2017, primarily as a hard-hitting blocker, having learned as a junior skater. She says Roller Derby IS her life..... Is that weird? We don't think so. Skate on, Ruthless.

Brooklyn Bomb-her - 33

skater is 3

Brooklyn Bomb-her joined CCC in 2016 as a jammer. When asked about derby, "There is something about this sport like no other, the adrenaline rush keeps me coming back."

Baby Anarchy - 27

skater is 30

Baby Anarchy is one of the newer Crushers. So far, she's helped out as non-skating official, but in no time at all you'll see her on the track. Offtrack, Baby Anarchy is mom to several junior skaters.

Mayhem - 714

skater is 23

Mayhem started as referee in 2018. She couldn't stay in the center though and became a player in 2020. She says, "Roller derby makes me confident. It is where I belong"

StaceInvader - 6275

skater is 20

2023 is Stace Invader's first season as Head NSO. Fun fact about Stace Invader: Number one bucket list item is to see the Fourth Of July fireworks in New York City.

Ph. Double D's

skater is 6

Ph. Double D's is the Crusher's Official Beer Goddess and the premiere Non-Skating member of the team and honored with an official name and jersey.

Princess Lay-Ya Out

skater is 21

is the Voice of the Crushers! She joined the Crushers in 2006 and forced to retire from play post knee surgery in 2012. In addition to announcing she is a coach for Ad Astra Junior Roller Derby.

Cursula - 8

skater is 48

Cursula is another calm and level-headed blocker who has helped train up newer blockers. Cursula is now taking on a role as a NSO for the Crushers.

Memphis Misfit - 901

Memphis Misfit - 901 is in hiding.

Memphis is our high-flying jammer extraordinaire. High-flying because, literally you might run into her as a flight attendant going somewhere warm and sunny.